As. you. are.
Stronger than you know.
More beautiful than you think.
Worthier than you believe.
More loved than you can ever imagine.
Passionate about making a difference.
Fiery when protecting those you love.
Learning. Growing. Not alone.
Warm. Giving. Generous.
Quirky. Sexy. Funny. Smart.
Flawed. Whole. Scared. Brave.
And so, so, so.much.more.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.

[Copyright: Tia Sparkles Singh, 2011]

My 15 Commandments on Grocery Shopping

After spending a lovely afternoon chat at a cafe with a friend – where I devoured my chicken sandwich and honey-glazed doughnut (please no judgement, I was hungry), then chugged (haha…) my third cup of coffee for that day, my crazy … Continue reading