About Lady with a Birthmark


I’m a proud Filipina, realist albeit often a dreamer, romantic, sentimental, forgiving, bubbly AND opinionated.

I’m an artist, blogger, poet, dancer, cook, baker, green-thumb, bookworm, a ‘traveler-wannabe’. More important, a proud daughter, stand-in Mom, best friend, pet owner, dog lover, human and animal rights advocate. When random people ask me why I prioritize in extending help and giving donations to animal rescues and shelters, I tell them that unlike humans, animals can’t speak for itself. Animals need our help more than human does.

Every time I lose hope and my faith in humanity falters, or every time I do wrong, God restores my faith by putting me in my rightful place – among people and amidst situations that change my perspective about life and the people around me. Every day is a learning process, therefore, every day God continue to hone me in becoming a better version of myself. I will wear not just my smiles, but also my scars with pride. Because this are reminders of who I was, and who I ought not to be.

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life. ~ Arthur Ashe

So, I share my stories with you, and just like most people in the blogosphere, my true purpose is in the freedom to express my thoughts, ideas and insights about the beauty of the places and people in my country. Writing is a form of comfort and a way to speak my mind to anyone who is willing to understand. Carlos Fuentes said that writing is a struggle against silence. And I agree. Because I believe in the freedom of expression as much as I believe in the power of a prayer – my writing became my voice. When I listen to Yiruma or at times James Morrison’s, I envy the inspiration they bring to me. For I would love to touch your heart just the way their music have touched mine.

Life is a long walk, events waiting to happen, lessons to learn, experiences waiting to be transformed to words.

And to my fellow bloggers and avid dear readers – who happen to stumble upon my little page – thank you for taking the time to read an awful lot of ramblings.


8 thoughts on “About Lady with a Birthmark

  1. My YouTube video of how i cover my birthmark on my makeup trying to get it as out there as possible for anyone else wanting to cover they’re marks or just wanting to know if dermablend really works before they buy it. I really want to help the girls or guys who have this it’s called nevus of ota. its a birthmark that is on your face and in your eye some people like me have it cover 50% of their face. its different from a portwine stain because it can only be removed by laser and even then it may come back and be darker. its almost very hard to cover up with make up Id appreciate if you can share it . if not that’s ok. I understand.

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