When Valentine’s Day Became S.A.D.

February 14. I know it’s supposed to be Valentine’s Day. However, I keep reading statuses on Social Networks about Single Awareness Day – S.A.D. The humor is in the abbreviation. No! No! No! We single people do not mean ‘”sad”. It does not mean we are woeful! Nor does it mean we have a seasonal affective disorder. Pssssh!  Huh! Seasonal? Wait….. Oh!


ImageI’m single and game for any challenge this S.A.D celebrates, but I find it a little insulting to do it exactly on the 14th of February. Need I remind my single friends that the reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day is not only for the sole purpose of giving couples a reason to be overly mushy, affectionate and excuse the too sweet displays in public? Valentine’s Day is more than just dinner reservations, flowers, showering expensive gifts and words of promises or endearment, etcetera. You can do that pretty much any day you want – holiday or not.

Though, I don’t mean for couples not to celebrate it at all. No one is depriving anyone of how they want to celebrate this special day with their loved ones. But perhaps, to commemorate and be conscious that this is the Feast of St. Valentine?

Yes! Single people can celebrate them too. But, to give little respect to those who fought to marry couples that led to their imprisonment, isn’t that kind of disrespectful?


Even with a partner, I’ve never really been the type of person who make a fuss about how I spend Valentine’s Day. I never really liked getting flowers because I worry about whether I’ll upset my guy when I throw the flowers out when they start to wilt, or whether I should make potpourri out of them to keep as souvenirs. So, over the years, with or without a partner, it doesn’t really bother me not having a “date-night” . I always make sure though that my partner and I get to go to church and thank the heavens for bringing us together.


I don’t mind being stuck at home alone either – whether I’m writing, playing with my pets or cleaning my house or just video chat with someone on a different timezone – which I happen to think is my “someone special”. It doesn’t really matter how single people want to celebrate the hilarious made up feast that is S.A.D either. Cheers to that if you’re celebrating it better than I do! But, leave the sarcastic comments about Valentine’s Day to yourselves. It makes being single sound so pitiful.

ImageWithal, S.A.D. is a celebration, a proof of how independent we are. How we are in control of our own lives and are happy. S.A.D. should empower us, and not make it sound as if we’re jealous or bitter. Why not celebrate our independence at a later time? Oh! Say, like most people who observe it on the 15th?

If being single is something that doesn’t bother us, we owe it to ourselves to give others a chance to be happy and in love.


And, because I am in love with pretty much everything about life, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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