Dear Blog. Love, A Homemaker. P.S. Sorry for Procrastinating.

Hey there blog!

Oh! You are such a tease! Stop looking at me with that blinking cursor of yours. You mesh well with my stupid wall clock that goes, Tick, tock. Tick tock” that to me is sort of like, “Laundry, cook. Laundry, cook.”. If I didn’t know better, I swear you’re both conspiring to test my skill in the art of time management. Well, procrastination to my rescue!

I blame you blog…

I should start putting those dirty clothes in the washer, then make a lunch meal for three. Really! I should start now so as I would get the chance to do some of my errands after lunch that includes a bit of shopping here and there. Oh no! Not clothes or personal items (how I wish!), but shopping for my little pantry friend (she is in dire need of supplies) for our “mini” (roll eyes) gathering this weekend. My week will be an endless task of organizing, cleaning the house, moving furniture here and there, repainting old desks, and ho-ho the hardest – budgeting monthly household expenses! Yes, Boring! But, a must. Only, you are so tempting my dear old blogging friend. I’ve lost the will to get my butt off this chair!

Again, I blame you.

It’s not that I have plenty of thoughts to share. Possibly just random craziness. Add the excuse that I just want to sit for a while and enjoy a quiet morning alone in the living room, sipping my coffee with your lovely company. See, in a few minutes, the house will be awake, the TV monitor in high volume, laughter in full swing, and the living room in total chaos! After my cousin Grace leaves for work at about 8:00 in the morning, I enjoy two hours of respite from daily chores. This is the best “alone time” I can ask for without having to leave the house or lock myself inside my room. I never really thought running a household (and keeping it clean despite living with those who seem to make it their mission to mess the house!) is taxing, but, take note, rewarding! It’s like having a job without pay but with great results. And even if you feel stress sometimes, you can’t wipe that silly smile on your face when the people you love are happy and satisfied. You know you are giving the right amount of love (even if that love includes a bit of frowning and scolding from me from time to time).

Blog, it’s one of those things I have to share with you because other homemakers can read my posts. I want them to know that I’ve gained new respect for parents out there (including mine). And, despite that it is tiring most times, I enjoy it. Nothing can replace the warmth a heart feels every time it’s shown appreciation – those simple smiles that shows how you can touch their lives in some ways. Nope.  Nothing can replace that feeling. No paycheck I’ve ever received have ever made me feel that way (though paychecks is still my dire need for survival).

So, before I heed the time and finally stop procrastinating, through your help, I want to wish everyone a lovely day. Especially to those who run their own household, single Moms who works their ass off to ensure the best future for their kids, even to those who aren’t mothers but took the role of one (just like me) – this blog love letter is solely for you.



3 thoughts on “Dear Blog. Love, A Homemaker. P.S. Sorry for Procrastinating.

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  2. Keeping house is definitely tiring. Its an endless loop of chores and I often procrastinate in doing them. However, in the few times that I don’t, I agree that it is very rewarding. Relaxing after a hard day’s work of cleaning and cooking, and feeling accomplished is certainly something to look forward to. :)

    I’m glad you’re enjoying doing it. Keep on being amazing!

    • Hi! Thanks! Yeah! It can be pretty tiring especially when you juggle between work and house chores. But I love that feeling of going to bed with a smile knowing I finished a lot for the day. You too, continue being amazing! ;)

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