A Voice In Journey

“Follow a path. Don’t stray.”
I journeyed night and day,
Unable to break my gait,
Mindful to rest nor wait.

I ran, I skipped,
I rushed then tripped.
“Get up!” I heard.
So I stood, I forged ahead.

Faint breeze blew my hair,
Felt cold but only bare.
I pressed on until it’s dusk,
Until the moon took off his mask.

Tired now, I sat.
My path was darkly lit.
Now weary, a little scared.
The voice said, “Look at the stars.”

Enthralled, I slept.
Then wakened rough as heaven wept,
It was a heavy pour,
The clouds a rumbling roar.

I closed my eyes.
I cringed.
On my knees I prayed,
I asked, “Where am I supposed to go?”

“Home”, He said.
In a different direction I pointed,
Puzzled I said, “But home is there.”
The answer a deafening silence.

If only the sun will shine,
And show signs of path for me.
If only the voice was more clear,
A hint of where the road will lead to.

This endless journey, some bumpy road,
Few pieces of a life untold.
About to give up I turned,
I glimpsed a man behind me.

He had a comforting gait.
Silently urging me ahead.
Little did I realize,
I cried. I knew.

This was no ordinary man,
who stayed with me in every stretch.
The voice sent His son.
Jesus will see me through.

[June 22, 2000. Revised]


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