Poem for My Old Self

My friend,

Promise not to give up so easily,

It’s true that life is unpredictable,

with people often iniquitous and unfair.

Yet  you need to learn to deal with it!

This personal strife you are in,

Only God knows the will you have in order to pull through.

Do not blame yourself! 

Listen. Do you not hear His voice?

“I am here. Talk to me child.”

The Lord said, “Trust in me.”

Tell Him how you feel.

Do not be scared now.

Do not hold back –

Do not be sheepish or embarrassed by your tears.

It’s alright to cry.

He will give you solace,

He will wipe those tears, 

He will heal your wounds.

Trust Him. 

Trust His reasons.

Have faith.


In time you will figure out, 

That everything is as it should be,

You are where you are meant to be,

The person you’re destined to be –

Wiser and strong. 

[A Friend’s Message – May 2, 2012]

This is a revision to the poem I’ve written when I was young. I decided to rewrite it and address it to my old self. 


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