Summer at the Tropic

Where are you from honey?“, a kind American woman asked me a few months back while on the phone giving directions as to how to fix her internet problem. See, I used to work as an “over-the-phone-tech-junkie” for wireless modems. Actually, a Technical Support Representative (tech junkie seem smarter eh?) giving assistance to whomever is in need.

She was a chatterbox, and she kept the call flow process less boring. I told her where I’m from, and judging from her slow “Oh…” voice, she knew a little about my country. She asked a lot of questions though about being a Filipino (while getting a warning look from my Supervisor), but mostly, we talked about the weather. Huh! And, as it turned out, she thought Philippines is in Europe. (Ah… Bugger! That would be bloody-marvelous!)

Of course I had to tell her Philippines is in the South East part of Asia. “It’s always sunny in your country?” she asked. I told her that mostly it’s sun and rain.

In my line of job as a customer support, to build rapport, weather is a big “NO-NO” when it comes to small conversations. But, for some reason, she seemed to enjoy the topic.

That memory of my conversation with her keep coming to my mind. Probably, because it is summer here and the heat is killing me. We are from the tropics, in short, (as I am screaming this now) HOT! I would be grateful if God will shower us snow today for a change. Then again, what’s the use? It’ll probably just melt anyway. (Tsk! Where is that “crazy-ever-changing” weather when you need it?)

If you do decide to visit our country, if you don’t mind the heat, summer is still the best season to go. It starts from March to May. Pack a lot of light clothes, sleeveless shirts, shorts, caps and shades. Head to the wonderful white sand beaches and mountains either for a hike or a swim. I recommend going to beach resorts (my choice) that are less crowded. Take Palawan for instance. Coron in Palawan is one for a sight. But not to forget Caramoan known as “The Hidden Paradise” from my hometown in Bicol.

Coron, Palawan. Photo shot by my friend Kei

Caramoan Island in Bicol. Photo shot by my friend Beng

I imagine some of my friends are already geared for a hike or swim at a nearest (or even the farthest) resort for this coming weekend. Probably some of them vacationers (students and tourists) are already joyously (envious here) paddling their feet on the water by now. While here I am at home, at the outskirts of the city, stuck with mundane tasks and the need to save before I can travel. I’m on the verge of making a fit (there’s an ongoing battle against my conscience) that I couldn’t go.

Note to self: Breathe.

So, even if my two-piece swimsuit, flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, traveling bag, camera and every other object I bring with me to the beach is screaming for me to “beat the heat with a plunge”. And that wave and sand is waiting for me I know somewhere, calling my name, oh.. so tempting, I have to sit tight and wait for a few more weeks before I can soak up the sun with my friends.

And, just because I am glued at home and stuck writing now instead of relishing the day at the beach, there’s no reason not to freshen up a little by a few minutes of dip by the small pool, and maybe a few cold desserts, right?

Anything to beat the heat this summer.


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