Photo Blog: The Streets of Manila

“You can’t bring an unwritten place to life without losing something substantial. Manila is the cradle, the graveyard, the memory. The Mecca, the Cathedral, the bordello. The shopping mall, the urinal, the discotheque. I’m hardly speaking in metaphor. It’s the most impermeable of cities. How does one convey all that?” —Miguel Syjuco, Ilustrado

MRT (Metro Rail Transit) along EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue). Photo by Hezron Ramos

Passersby along EDSA Shaw Blvd. Photo taken by Hezron Ramos

A biker along a uncrowded street of Manila. Photo by Hezron Ramos

Star City (amusement park) at night. Photo by Hezron Ramos

Our famous Tricycle (another form of transportation here. For short distance travel only). Photo by Hezron Ramos

Our ever colorful Jeepney! A famous transportation here in the Philippines. Photo from:

Tricycle used for Delivering drinks. Photo by Hezron Ramos

EDSA Crossing. My favorite Station to take due to it’s high stairs. Hey! It’s my form of exercise. Photo by Hezron Ramos

House of Representatives, Batasan Hills, Quezon City. Photo by Hezron Ramos

“It’s a pity that Manila is often disparaged, as there’s much more here to like. For one, all the adjectives often used to describe the Philippines- jovial, laid back, casual, corrupt, shambolic, earnest and more are on display here more than anywhere else in the country. It’s a truly teeming metropolis that gets bigger each day, both in population, with people pouring in from the hinterlands, and size, as new developments in all directions swallow up villages and rice fields… Rather than seeing Manila as an amorphous mass, focus instead on enjoying its individual areas, and you will start to get a feel for the greater Manila which really is a sum of its parts.” —Philippines (Country Guide) A Lonely Planet Book by Chris Rowthorn, Greg Bloom, Michael Grosberg, Ryan Ver Berkmoes


4 thoughts on “Photo Blog: The Streets of Manila

    • He is. I always tell him practice makes perfect. I guess you can say I support his love of photography because I’m planning to take the same path. I’m saving up for it and I know he’ll mentor me to be just as good. Thank you for liking my posts and showing interest in our culture. You can expect me to post more soon. Your comments made my day. :)

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