Chocolate: Know Your History

The Greeks called it “Food of the Gods”, “le chocolat” for the French, “cioccalata” for the Italians, “chocolate” for the English, and “tsokolate” as it is known here in our country.

However it is called in different languages, according to history,  the word “chocolate” came from the Nahault language “chocolātl“of the Aztecs (tribes somewhere in the north of Mexico). The Nahault word xocolatl means bitter water. It was derived from the term xococ meaning bitter, atl meaning water. We all  know it’s a natural product made from the bean of a cacao tree (scientifically called Theobroma cacao). But, not many of us know that the beans were used as currency to buy slaves and services of a courtesan by the Aztecs.

The chocolate tree

The Aztecs venerate the power of the dark chocolate as an erotic stimulation – an aphrodisiac. Even Mayans consume dark chocolate not just to heighten pleasure during intimacy but also for fertility reasons.

Pre-Columbian people of the Americans drank chocolate mixed with vanilla, chili pepper, and achiote. It was not until the Spanish Conquest of the Aztec that chocolate was imported to Europe and became a court favourite. Europeans sweetened it by adding sugar, milk and removing the chili pepper. Then they created a process to make solid chocolate, which we all love – our modern chocolate bar!

Almond filled, dark, milky, fruity – a wide range of choices we all love; a tasty treat for every one of different ages. From a hot drink to an assortment of desserts such as cakes, cookies, ice creams and breads, chocolate has come a long way. It’s a very popular flavor and among the favourite of many.

Although, we often blame it as the culprit for acne and weight gain, we tend to overlook such worries due to its delicious taste. Dark chocolate or also called bittersweet chocolate is one of the healthiest sweets I love to indulge myself with. Chocolate is known to have an antioxidant which can destroy free radicals, lower the risk of heart disease and prevent clot-like substances from clogging our arteries (so I’ve read).

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We women find that eating chocolate relieves us of our blues. Why not? It’s the best source in improving moods. Thank that substance that releases endorphin.  A new study also suggests that while we women seek chocolate when feeling down, men, however indulge in chocolate during their best moods because it enhances the feeling.

Chocolate plays a dual role as a romantic treat and a comfort food. So, when you can’t fight your cravings, indulge! Go on… and take that bite! I know I would! ;)


4 thoughts on “Chocolate: Know Your History

  1. oh and its dark chocolate (70% cocoa) that is good for you – in small quantities of course (100g) ;) any excuse to eat chocolate though I think :P

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