For the Love of Writing

Some people keep diaries, I keep notebooks full of poems. I started putting my feelings to poetry since high school. I call it “Verse”. It’s my voice that’s always been hidden (in that dusty old drawer of mine) except to few people I really trust and dedicate the verses to. I’ve always been worried that some people might copy and make it their own. Funny when I look at it that way, for I always see myself as someone who compose simple verse and write simpler words. 

Despite my lack of confidence in my writing (please do not be disappointed in me my fellow poets), my love for it however led me to the decision to share a little about my life through my poems. For what is the purpose of being inspired, to have this thoughts running through your head and not be able to voice it or share it? I’ve always believed in the beauty of giving to others what was bestowed to me by the Lord so easily. Why not give inspiration when you have also been inspired? And, for the love of writing, I share not just words but ideals. The beauty of writing is to reach out to readers who seek insights about life, love and feelings. A hand writing is a hand able to reach out to help through words. A few lines are comfort. A paragraph can be life changing.

Even though sharing my poems and thoughts now may make me feel like I’m naked to the world, it doesn’t matter. For the world is always undressing itself to me – it unveils its beauty day by day. What good the world gave me (and is still giving me), I want to give back to the world. Like a painter who pours his heart and soul to his canvas, I do the same with my words. I only hope to inspire, just as Brian Aldiss quoted, “There are two kinds of writer: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder”.


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